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Since our inception, Professional Archaeological Services Team (PAST) has established itself as a reliable, well-respected cultural resource management firm with a reputation for high quality work.  Our qualified staff can ensure that with their expertise and experience in all phases of work any project, regardless of size, will be completed and comply with all local, state or federal preservation regulations in a timely manner.  The ability to provide our clients with a wide range of services and supply all of their CRM needs is a matter of pride to the staff of PAST.

Our Services

We are primarily centered upon performing archaeology surveys for projects that require Section 106 compliance (prehistoric and/or historic archaeology) at Phase I, II, & III levels.  PAST is qualified to coordinate the evaluation of archaeological properties located within Ohio, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Kentucky at all levels of site evaluation.  Below is list of the type of projects that we conduct surveys for on a regular basis:

  • Mining Applications
  • Wildlife Refuges, State/National Parks, Canals, and Wetlands
  • Sewer and Water-line Projects
  • Cell Tower Locations
  • Housing Projects
  • Industrial Parks
  • Bike path, Rail lines and Trail projects
  • ODOT Roadway, Bridge or related Projects