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The Charles Site (33-FR-2816) 

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The PASTeam takes a break in Feature 11A (from L to R: Kevin Nye, Joshua Niedermier, Ben Nelson, Craig Keener, Jamil Wilson, and Kyle Spurgeon)

The PASTeam has recently completed the Phase III archaeological data recovery investigations at the Charles site (33-FR-2816) located in the City of Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.  The project involved top soil removal of 2,827m2 in an attempt to locate any sub-surface cultural features (i.e., post mold and pits).  The effort succeeded in identifying a total of 59 cultural features (41 prehistoric pits, 16 prehistoric post molds, and 2 historic post molds).  Two pits in particular measured over 3 meters in diameter (see above photo). In addition to the sub-surface features the site yielded a large number of artifacts including fire cracked rock, flint flakes, projectile points, and a small amount of pottery. More details to follow including C-14 test results. Stay tuned! 

The PASTeam wish to thank everyone who came out to the site either to assist in the excavations or just to stop by to make sure we were surviving the heat.

Barry Accountius of the WODA Group, LLC who was very patient during the whole process,

Tim Allen of The Ohio Dept. of Development for stopping by and making a couple of days a little more tollerable,

Jamil Wilson our newest assistant from Columbus Alternative H.S., we hope you found your experience educational and enriching. We just hope the heat didn't discourage you from continuing your journey into archaeology! We really appreciated all the hard work you put into the project.