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 Craig S. Keener

Dr. Keener serves as the principal investigator for all projects and in this capacity heads all of the administrative duties.  Keener has an extensive background in both prehistoric and historical research, with particular interests in Late Archaic and Early Woodland archaeology, historical archaeology, ethnohistory, history, and warfare studies (see attached document).  Keener's dissertation research at the Ohio State University was focused on Iroquois warfare during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries (Keener 1998).  His research focused on warfare accounts in relation to tactics, locations, battle statistics, engagement descriptions, battle chronologies, and development of regional maps associated with particular wars. Since 1993 Keener has been involved in cultural resource management type projects in Ohio and has had direct dealings with Ohio Historic Preservation Office (OHPO) reviewers.  Beginning in 1995 to the present Keener has been listed on the OHPO consultant list for individuals capable of doing work in the state.  Several hundred reports authored by Keener have been reviewed and are on file at the OHPO.



Kevin Nye

Kevin, a 1999 graduate of The Ohio State University, acts as a project field supervisor and mapping/ graphics specialist.  He has nearly twenty years of experience in providing detailed maps for the standard Phase I archaeological/history survey reports and spatial analysis for the more complex Phase II and III mitigation projects.  PAST employs a survey grade GPS system which delivers sub-centimeter, post-processed positioning as well as sub-meter or better accuracy in real-time for GIS/mapping and navigation.  In combination we have utilized our GIS/GPS mapping systems on over 100 CRM projects (Phase 1-3) providing our surveyors the knowledge and experience needed in order to tackle any scenario we may encounter in the field. Additionally, Kevin has authored numerous CRM reports as well as co-authored several papers published in professional journals.  Kevin also has extensive involvement in archival research and artifact research on various prehistoric and historical sites. Particular interests include prehistoric pottery analysis, and historic artifact manufacture information.